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October 1995, newly graduated in cinematography (at INSAS), I fly to the West Bank, armed with two cameras and their ammunition: 64 rolls of color films.

20 years are passing by, during which I work as a cameraman, as a graphic designer, editor or director on corporate videos, news, TV shows, documentaries or fictions.

During these years of audiovisual works, my passion for photography remains entire and, in 2006, I buy my first DSLR. In 2012, I have the opportunity to exhibit, solo, my documentary work on the "aftermath of Thane cyclone" in Pondicherry, India.

And in September 2015, I leave for a second photographic trip to Cisrjodanie. I find there people photographed 20 years ago or their children. From the combination of these two journeys, my first book, "Lueurs d'espoirs", was published by Lamiroy and selected by the jury of the book Circulation (s) 2016.

2016- Exhibition "A Hard Days Light"Les Editeurs, Brussels.
2016- Exhibition "I Travelled Through Abstract Land"Silken Berlaymont, Brussels.
2016Book  “Lueurs d’espoirs”. Publisher : Lamiroy.Book selected at Circulation(s), Paris.
2012 - Exhibition “Lueur d’Espoir, Palestine1995”,Maison des cultures et de la cohésion sociale de Molenbeek
2012 - Exhibition "Thane Cyclone à Pondichérry", Karreveld, Molenbeek
1991-1995 - INSAS (Belgian Movie School)